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Luci nano line 984


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DC24IndoorsDirect LigthingDimmablePower SuppliesDot less
5300K Natural wite4200K White3500K Warm white3000K Warm white2700K Warm white2400K Warm white
Compact design lighting with a 5.5mm light-emitting surface.

Dotless and three-sided light emission from the front side and the side surfaces expands design possibilities in terms of exhibiting the light source.
The smart form allows a unique line lighting to materialize for fixtures, handrails, backs of mirrors, etc.
Operating voltage
DC 24V
Power comsumption 7.2W / 984mm
Usage environment Indoors
Light source color
Natural white (N) 5300K ○
White (W) 4200K ○ 66 lm 16 cd Ra 92
Warm white 3500K (WW) 3500K ○ 58 lm 15 cd Ra 91
Warm white 3000K (L30) 3000K ○ 65 lm 16 cd Ra 87
Warm white 2700K (L27) 2700K ○ 59 lm 15 cd Ra 87
Warm white 2400K (L24) 2400K ○ 52 lm 13 cd Ra 85
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