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  • What's Luci?

    The Luci Division of PROTERAS Co., Ltd., launched the Luci brand in 2004, and in 2005 the LED lighting business became a separate division from the space creation business. In 2009, we established a Chinese subsidiary, LUCI (SHANGHAI) LIGHTING TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. (Offices in Shanghai and Beiging), in 2011 we opened a staffed office in Singapore and in 2012, we established a Singaporean subsidiary Luci Pte. Ltd. (Offices in Singapore and Hong Kong) to increasingly expand into overseas markets to make Luci a global brand.

  • High Color Rendering LED

    High coloring rendering LED packages of Ra85 or above with excellent color reproducibility are used in the Power Flex Slim Light and other products. High color rendering LEDs are recommended when true color reproduction or preventing color fade-out is required.

    The average color rendering index (Ra) is an index of the color offset that occurs when the measured light source illuminates the color chart used for the color rendering evaluation in comparison with standard light as defined by JIS (Japan Industrial Standards).

    This light source is also widely used to prevent deterioration from light since LEDs emit little heat or ultraviolet light.

  • Illumination Planning Support

    The product IES data, illuminance measurement data, and other information is provided on our website and in our catalogs as optical data.

    An IES file is text data that shows the illumination device light distribution, and this can be used by IES format supporting software to conduct illumination calculations, simulations, etc. Further, if desired, Luci can use simulation software (DIALux) to provide customers with proposals, so please feel free to ask us about this.

  • Luci’s Safety and Quality Management

    Our in-house technology and quality control staff conduct regular plant and production process audits to ensure thorough quality control.

    For, our products for outdoor use are subjected to water-resistance and weather-resistance tests by third-party testing organizations.

  • Luci Product Design Policy

    Luci plans and designs the exterior designs of its products in-house. We pursue high usability through simple and minimum designs that provide both an attractive price and good function.

  • Color Consistency

    The LED packages that we select by color coordinates are procured for each rank and these are not mixed with other ranks when being mounted on circuit boards so that only one rank is used for the mounting and inventory and shipment management is conducted by rank for the finished products. In addition, a visual color inspection of all units is conducted when the finished products are delivered.

    Please note that the color temperatures of some of the products sold by Luci are outside the industry standard to meet the needs of our customers. Luci original rules have been set for these. These include 3 types of light warm white of 2400K and 1900K, which are low color temperatures below 2700K, to allow the right product for the situation to be selected.